Easter Egg Hunt

An Easter Egg hunt is a wonderful game for adults to organize for children.  Years ago it was something that parents did in their downstairs rooms, nowadays it the Easter Egg Hunt has evolved into an outdoor event for the whole neighbourhood.
Organization plus the greater expanse has created more creative opportunities both for the egg hiding places and the clues to locate the chocolate treasure.  If you are the organizer try to make it as fun as possible, the secret is to keep them them moving and keep them guessing.
Sign on bathroom door
Your Easter Egg is near now,
On this I'd like to bet
The next place that it's hiding in
You're bound to get a little wet.   (Egg hiding in the bath)

Easter Bunny FootprintsEaster Bunny Footprints

Another twist for your Easter egg hunt is to use bunny footprints to give the children clues where to look for the eggs.

Memorable Easter Egg Hunt Story

 Special Easter egg hunt.  Try sprinkling talc on the wooden floor, then using the bunny footprints, they created a trail in the talcum powder.
Place carrots at strategic points, but also gnaw them to look like the rabbits had been there.  One neat touch is to leave a spilt saucer of milk in the kitchen. 

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