Happy Easter

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Finding an Easter Treat

Finding a Treat

Hippity hop, hippity hop,
Will the Easter Bunny stop?
Will he leave a treat behind
An Easter basket for me to find?

I’ll look over here, I’ll look over there,
I’ll look behind things, I’ll look everywhere.
I’ll look until I find my treat,
And then I’ll sit right down and eat.

Easter Egg Hunting Poems and Story

Secret Easter Egg Hunting Information

Would you like to know a secret?
Well, I’ll tell you one I know:
The Easter’s Bunny’s coming,
My mama told me so.

He’ll bring a basket filled with eggs
And leave it in my yard,
And I will find it Easter morn,
If I look very hard.

I shouldn’t tell my secret,
But I think it should be shared.
You ought to know that Bunny’s coming, So you can be prepared!

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It Must Be Easter Time

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Cute Easter Gifs

Thought you might enjoy these cute 
Easter Bunny and Easter Gifs


don't keep all your eggs 

in one basket!

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